Food Safety References

HSUS, a sponsor of I-1130, offers a 13-page document outlining their interpretation, warnings and recommendations regarding food safety and cage vs. cage-free egg production. The document features a large number of references.

Farm Sanctuary, co-sponsors of I-1130, has an online report available.

The United Egg Producers have a food safety website with extensive references. They are sponsoring legislation in Washington, SB 5487/HB1813, calling for a certification program which the WSVMA currently supports.

Co-sponsor of the certification program legislation, the American Humane Association, also has a website with extensive documentation available under the common search terms.

Currently egg safety programs are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration, which has regulatory authority for shell eggs in interstate commerce. They offer the Egg and Egg Products food safety website.

The Food Safety News is an online, daily, periodical presented by Marler Clark, LLP, PS. Many may recognize the name Bill Marler as that of the leading attorney in E.coli foodborne illness litigation based in Seattle. The site is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sources of news and regulatory information regarding foodborne pathogens and disease. A simple search with the words egg, cage-free, or battery cages, or any other topic will pull up an extensive series of articles by many of the best writers on food safety in the world. The site gleans headlines daily from all sources.

Similarly, the AVMA also has a digest site for food safety news and information.

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