Financial Planning for Veterinary Students

It’s no secret that veterinary education is expensive. With the rise in student tuition and living expenses, only a few will graduate with little or no debt.

Smart financial planning should begin prior to entering veterinary school, although it’s never too late to start. Beginning good money habits while in school can help ensure your financial health and personal satisfaction as you work through your career and into retirement.

Your level of personal and economic well-being will ultimately affect how you practice veterinary medicine. Understanding how to save money, manage your debt and protect your assets will reduce the likelihood of making financial mistakes that will negatively impact your future.

As you start your career and contribute to the profession, remember that the entire veterinary community, the public and the animals you serve benefit from financially healthy veterinarians.

In order to help veterinary students enjoy a career that is satisfying both personally and financially, the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association has assembled this information to help you avoid common financial pitfalls and to plan for a rewarding career in veterinary medicine.


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 Financial Planning for Veterinary Students


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