WSVMA Member Benefits for Students and New Grads

Young Professionals Financial Planning
This is a special program for students and grads the first two years out of school. Two complimentary consulting sessions are provided to help you with budgeting, debt management, and risk management with an overview of employee benefits that can be expected in private vs. corporate practice. Planning on owning a home, purchasing a practice or need general financial advice? McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group can help. Call Mackenzie Martin at (206) 719-6923 or email her at Ms. Martin is based in Portland, OR, and travels throughout WA.

Employment Contract Review Service
WSVMA members who have graduated within the last three years receive one hour at no charge for employment contract review by Karl Salzsieder, DVM, JD, of Salzsieder Consulting & Legal Services, LLC, a nationally recognized expert in veterinary and practice law. After the first complimentary hour, a discount of 50% on current hourly rates applies. Contact Salzsieder Consulting & Legal Services, LLC at (360) 577-8115.

New Doctor – Tools for Transition
An online resource on the WSVMA website for students and new grads that contains a wealth of information on job searches, licensure, things to know before taking the job, transitioning, communication strategies, financial planning and connection tools.

WSVMA Mentoring Program
The WSVMA Mentoring Program is geared towards third year veterinary students and new grads. The WSVMA Mentoring Program’s goal is to ease the transition from veterinary college to the workforce by establishing mentorships with practicing veterinarians. These relationships can assist veterinary students with planning senior clinical year rotations, job search skills (resume preparation, interview tips, search strategies), and exploring career options in the veterinary field. After graduation, mentors will provide guidance for professional and personal challenges during the first year of practice (time management, client communication skills, stress relief, etc.).




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 Financial Planning for Veterinary Students


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