Animal Import/Export (USDA)

February 2012

USDA Announces Changes to European Union Animal Export Certification Procedures

The requirements for importation of dogs, cats and ferrets to the European Union have been changed. The revised veterinary certificates which must be used effective March 1, 2012 for all pet exports with destinations in the EU, are posted on the USDA APHIS IREG website.

To locate the revised requirements, access the web page and click on the beginning letter of the country of destination (Example: F for France). For a full description of the requirements for the new EU certificate, select European Union (blue or purple letters) under Summary of Requirements and then select “annotated certificates with explanatory notes."

Although bilingual certificates are now required, they are not yet available for all EU countries. Bilingual certificates will be posted on the USDA APHIS IREG website as they become available. In the interim, English certificates can be used for those countries without bilingual certificates.

The new certificates are valid for animal entry for ten days from the date of the accredited veterinarian signature. Dogs (not cats) going to Finland, UK, Ireland and Malta require an echinococcus treatment greater than 24 hours, but not more than 120 hours (five days), prior to country entry. The UK has confirmed that it will accept echinococcus treatment after the accredited veterinarian prepares and USDA endorses the health certificate.

It should be noted that Finland, Ireland, and Malta have not accepted post endorsement echinococcus treatment at this time. The accredited veterinarian should be aware that this fact effectively reduces the certificate validity to five days from the date of accredited veterinarian signature date for dogs traveling to those specific EU countries. For these countries, USDA cannot endorse the export certificate until the treatment has been given and verified by the signature of the accredited veterinarian.

USDA has also been advised that the UK is requiring confirmation that dogs, cats or ferrets were vaccinated for rabies after the implantation of the microchip. In order to confirm this, the accredited veterinarian must prepare a statement on letterhead verifying that the chip ID was read prior to vaccination. Please submit the signed statement with the export packet.

Following review of the information available on the USDA APHIS IREG website, if further information is needed, please contact the USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Services’ export office. Contact information can be found on the local veterinary services website.

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