The WSVMA is working for you! We’re making available to members three important performance analytic tools that are based on over twenty years of research.

  • Personalized Fee Guide
  • Practice Diagnostic Report
  • Client Satisfaction Survey and Report

Personalized Fee Guide

The WSVMA Personalized Fee Guide (PFG) is the culmination of two decades of research into veterinary fees, incomes, and client surveys. This simple tool allows the practice to quickly develop a fee guide specific to each practice — it is not reliant on neighboring practice charges, or on the economics of the local area — and comes with all the support one needs to start making real changes to practice revenues. The PFG is available for small animal, mixed, feline-exclusive, emergency, and referral practices.

For more information on the Personalized Fee Guide, click here.

Practice Diagnostic Report

A personalized comparative Practice Diagnostic Report (PDR) provides useful and unique management statistics about an individual practice. The personalized report will indicate what areas of management in the hospital are successful and what areas need attention. The report will also provide comparisons to the average and top-performing practices in the nation. The PDR examines key areas of practice management, client statistics, human resources, expenses, and fees. The PDR is available for small animal, mixed, feline-exclusive, emergency, and referral practices.

For more information on the Practice Diagnostic Report, click here.

Client Satisfaction Survey and Report

A client survey can provide a very valuable snapshot of how well a hospital is serving clients. A personalized Client Satisfaction Report provides veterinary managers and practice owners with an accurate measurement of current client satisfaction levels and can be used to improve client service, decrease the stress associated with dissatisfied clients, and provide an effective tool to change staff behavior.

For more information on the Client Satisfaction Survey and Report , click here.

Completed surveys are submitted to a confidential fax number in Canada and will not be viewed by anyone at the WSVMA.

Get started with your WSVMA Performance Analytics today and see how easy it is to improve your economic well-being!

WSVMA has partnered with the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) to make available three outstanding performance resources. These patented programs are delivered through a licensing agreement with the VHMA and were developed by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, which has, for more than 20 years, undertaken cutting edge management studies of veterinary practices in Canada. Their pioneering statistical work has been reflected in the veterinary practice benchmarking and pricing tool model they help develop for the National Commission of Veterinary Economic Issues here in the United States.

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