Personalized Fee Guide

 The WSVMA Personalized Fee Guide (PFG) is the culmination of two decades of research into veterinary fees, incomes, and client surveys. This simple tool allows you to quickly develop a fee guide specific to your practice—it is not reliant on neighboring practice charges, or on the economics of your area—and comes with all the support you need to start making real changes to your revenues. There is very little research needed on your part.

How It Works

  • Starting with the fee guide you have now, we show you the impact of various fee increases on your bottom line. Along the way, recommendations are made to help you increase your fees in a manner that is more agreeable to your clients and your staff.
  • Based on your list of fees provided from the survey, you will get a complete PFG created on the assumption that each fee from a specific area of the practice (the anchor fee) is representative of all the fees in that area. For example, your examination fee is used as the anchor for examination fees and it sets the tone for all the fees in the examination section. The dental prophy fee is used to set all your dental fees, and the non-elective surgery fees are the anchor for all your surgical procedures.
  • The economists behind the PFG have been researching veterinary fees for two decades and have also done a lot of work on relative fees. Relative fees explain the relationship between fees. For example, if your exam fee is X then we know your recheck fee should be Y. We recommend that you audit all of your fees when you get your new PFG.
  • The key component of the PFG is the research that has been done into the perceived sensitivities surrounding fees. When you get your new PFG, you will notice from the front page that the fees in different areas increase by different amounts. For example, the fees for examinations might go up by four percent while diagnostic fees go up by seven and half percent.
  • The PFG does not look into the economic status of your clients, nor does it focus on how much your neighboring practices are charging. The research shows that (within the parameters studied) there is no relationship between fees and incomes. That research also shows that there is no economic relationship between the fees in different clinics.
  • This model is based on the assumption that your PFG is the best starting point for improving fees. You provide a sample of fees and your detailed Personalized Fee Guide will be created along with a projection of how it can improve your net income. It is simple, fast, and comes with all the support you need to start making real changes to your revenues.


The PFG is available for small animal, mixed, feline-exclusive, emergency, and referral practices.

The goal is to provide you with a Personalized Fee Guide that will improve your professional income but stimulate the demand for veterinary medicine.

SAMPLE Fee Guide Survey

The following are SAMPLE results only for one hospital and not a fee reference for everyone; they are provided simply to show an example of what you will receive if you utilize the Personalized Fee Guide Survey analytics tool.

SAMPLE Personalized Fee Guide Survey and Estimate Results

SAMPLE Personalized Fee Guide Survey Results


Personalized Fee Guide
Members $175
Non-Members $275

Bundled Personalized Fee Guide and Practice Diagnostic Report
Members $225
Non-Members $350

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