Client Satisfaction Survey and Report

A client survey can provide a very valuable snapshot of how well a hospital is serving clients. A personalized Client Satisfaction Report provides veterinary managers and practice owners with an accurate measurement of current client satisfaction levels, as well as a rating of the importance of each aspect of their practice to their clients.

Your personalized report can be that essential tool necessary to establish a baseline for client satisfaction against which future comparisons can be made to gauge your progress in improving your customer service and ultimately your practice’s profitability.

The information in the report can be used to:

  • improve customer service,
  • decrease the stress associated with dissatisfied clients, and
  • provide an effective tool to change staff behavior.

How It Works

Each participating practice will receive a kit containing 200 surveys. The surveys ask clients to respond to questions about their level of satisfaction with various aspects of the practice. Clients will also be asked to comment on the most important factors in choosing a practice.

Managers and staff distribute the survey along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to their clients. Completed client questionnaires are returned to a dedicated U.S. postal address. Researchers then compile and analyze the data and return a personalized report once a minimum of 70 of the 200 client surveys have been received.

There is no limit to the number of kits that may be purchased. For example, if you wish to perform a satisfaction survey for each of your veterinarians or for multiple practice locations, you can!


The survey is available for small animal, mixed, feline-exclusive, emergency, referral, and large animal practices.

SAMPLE Client Satisfaction Results Report


Client Satisfaction Survey and Report
Members $325
Non-Members $425

Order Now (completed surveys cannot be submitted until January 1. Member pricing is available with membership renewal for 2012-13.)


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