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December 2011

Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food Recall
The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has voluntarily retrieved a single production lot of dry dog food due to aflatoxin levels that were detected above the acceptable limit.

June 2011

Human cases of Q Fever in Grant County

May 2011

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) alert for Washington Equine Owners and Veterinarians

WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital enters voluntary isolation for equine and camelid patients

April 2011

Press Release - WSVMA Rejects Supporting Hen Cage Ban Initiative 

March 2011

Japanese Disaster information

February 2011

2011 Washington Ballot Initiative that would alter the confinement of egg-laying hens - Keep up to date as we track this ballot measure moving forward.

Foot and Mouth Disease in Asia - Find up to date information, news releases and alerts. 

Merrick and Manna Pro Announce Animal Food Recalls

Merrick Pet Care has announced the recall of some of its Jr. Texas Taffy pet treats over a concern that they might be tainted with salmonella. Separately, Manna Pro Products has issued a voluntary recall of Family Farm Complete Horse 10 horse feed sold in California, Nevada and Oregon amid concerns that it may contain a medication that can prove fatal to horses in high doses. No illnesses associated with the recalled products have been reported, the companies said.

FDA Merrack Pet Care Recall Information

FDA Manna Pro Recall Information

January 2011

Washington’s notifiable conditions reporting requirements are changing effective February 4

The rule revision process to update reporting requirements of notifiable conditions by veterinarians and other health care providers for the purpose of public health surveillance has been completed. The revisions include updates necessary to address new conditions and new laboratory methods. Changes to reporting requirements for notifiable conditions will now be coordinated between the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Agriculture. Effective February 4, 2011, veterinarians are to report only suspected human cases of specific zoonotic diseases, based on the human’s exposure to a confirmed animal case of the disease, to local public health. Animal cases of these diseases are to be reported to the Department of Agriculture, which will then share information with public health. Reporting time frames have also been modified. A new category, reportable within 24 hours, was created, and some conditions have been shifted from immediate reporting and three business days reporting. New notifiable conditions posters will be distributed to local health departments to share with their communities. The final revised rule language can be downloaded and will also be available at the DOH website by January 17, 2011.

Rulemaking process restarted for Prescription Monitoring Program

The Department of Health is restarting the rulemaking process for a prescription monitoring program in Washington. Two years ago, the Department of Health (DOH) began drafting rules in accordance with RCW 70.225 that establishes the requirement to report the prescribing and dispensing of Schedules II, III, IV and V controlled substances and other drugs that may be a cause for abuse by health care professionals and their clients. The program ran out of funding but has recently received federal grants that will allow the process to begin again. Washington joins 37 other states that currently have a monitoring program or are in the process of establishing one. Veterinarians are required to report in approximately one-third of those states and will be required in Washington under the new rules. An exemption for veterinarians would require a statutory change. Proposed language has been posted on the DOH website and comments are due on January 14 although they will be accepted through January 19. Comments can be submitted to the Department of Health. The department is also hosting two web conferences, January 27 at 10 am and January 27 at 3 pm, so that stakeholders can make comments on the rule and ask questions. For more information on the web conferences, contact the WSVMA office.


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